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*Average annual return (rounded to nearest whole number)
Real Estate

Too many investors are leaving money on the table.

Everyone knows that real estate is a good investment. But getting the highest returns is a full-time job of its own. Karta Equity allows you, the investor, to passively invest in large apartment communities. We find, purchase and manage cash-flowing properties. Occasionally, we partner with exceptional operators with proven track records, this allows us to access amazing deals that we otherwise would not have access to. You as an investor passively partake in regular cash-flows and upside from investing in apartment communities that generate monthly cash-flows.

Karta Equity Gets You Returns You Deserve.

You worked hard for your money. Karta Equity invests your money to work hard for you.


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Why Multi-Family Apartments?


You can take advantage of leverage in real estate, allowing for the purchase of $10M with only $2.5M.


Multi-family apartments are low volatile, safe investments that have historically outperformed the S&P 500.

Cash flow

Tenants pay all expenses plus provide regular cash profits for all owners.


Tenants pay down debt on the mortgage, which increases your equity and creates long-term wealth.


Depreciation is a free tax write-off that lets you to keep more profits in your pocket.


Real estate appreciates over time, which increases the value of your equity.

Our Process

We find THE deals

Karta Equity finds deals, negotiates purchase and financing with the seller, and closes the deal.


Invest on a deal by deal basis with our easy to read pro-forma. You become a part-owner in the actual real estate.


Karta Equity manages the property and collects rents regularly from our base of creditworthy tenants.

YOU get paid

We payout regular cash distribution checks and send email updates regarding the property to you, the investor.


Woods of Decatur

Decatur, GA

Total Units



~43% annualized return over 2 years.

Forty15 Apatment Homes

Decatur, GA

Total Units


JAX 3 Portfolio

Jacksonville, FL

Total Units


Marketplace Square Apartments

Atlanta, GA

Total Units


Pines of Lanier Apartments

Gainesville, GA

Total Units


The Forest Apartments

Jacksonville, FL

Total Units


Twin Oaks Portfolio

Memphis, TN

Total Units


Alamo Oaks

San Antonio, TX

Total Units


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Meet Our Team

Matt Hansen


Matt has over three decades of corporate operations and leadership experience in a $50B international Fortune 100 company. As a Global Director, he has mastered the skills in analyzing operations, determining optimum improvements and collaborating with others to deliver top tier results. He has led the functional merger & acquisition activities for major company mergers. He invests in multifamily properties with the goal in mind to provide investors with a safe secure investment while improving the resident experience and creating a strong sense of community. Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Marketing & Management.

Adam Sondgeroth


Adam, in his professional career, has overseen the construction and inspection of railroad structures at all levels of completion for one of the largest rail companies in the country. To maintain the credentials necessary to his profession, he has completed hundreds of hours of higher education centered around construction and project management. For more than 20 years, he has specialized in the management, operation, and acquisitions of real estate within his growing personal portfolio. Adam’s personal collection of assets are made up of single family, multifamily, and commercial multi-use properties located in the Chicago area. Adam is now focused on acquiring large multifamily assets the Southeast.

Paul Martinchuk


Paul’s background is in Corporate America where he spent two decades focused on delivering strong Return on Investment (ROI) as a finance executive in various leadership roles. He has deep corporate experience and started investing in value-add single family market in 2012 in Southern California. Paul expanded into multi-family and ultimately transitioned his investment focused to south-east, business-friendly markets, and 100-unit-plus properties. Paul is passionate about investing in multi-family and alternative assets and educating others about these asset classes. Paul holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from UCLA and a dual MBA from Columbia Business School and Berkeley HAAS School of Business.

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